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About Us
About the Fund
The Civil Service Employees Pension Fund (CSEPF) was established simultaneously with the introduction of the Law of Pensions and End of Service Benefits for Omani Nationals employed in the Government sector in the beginning of 1986. It undertakes the responsibility for implementation of provisions of the law in addition to managing and investing the pensions and end of service funds. The Fund is an independent government unit which has a juristic personality, an administrative and financial independence. The Fund is managed by a Board of Directors formed as following:

Fund's Objectives
The core objectives of the Fund under the provisions of the Law provided are as follows:
  • Development and follow up of plans and programs for fund's major activities.
  • Review settlements of end of service benefits for all Omani civil service employees who come under the Law of Pension and End of Service Benefits.
  • Payment of pensions and end of service benefits for pensioners and their dependents in a timely manner, ensure eligibility for payments and check availability of the required conditions and documents.
  • Managing and investing CSEPF's funds to maintain its real value.

Fund's Financial Resources
The financial resources of the Fund are comprised of contributions, return on investments and any other funds allocated by the government in the public budget.

Fund's Investments
In addition to the social role played by pension funds in general to provide a social insurance for those covered by the pension laws and their families after them. These funds also play a pertinent role in the development of economic activities through various investments. These investments are considered as one of the important funding sources for the funds to help fulfill their obligations to the beneficiaries. During the previous years, CSEPF has developed its investments in terms of size by diversifying and diverting them to investment opportunities in all sectors in the Sultanate. This is in accordance with the annual investment plans approved by the CSEPF's Board of Directors which are developed in accordance with the regulations of Royal Decree No. (31/96) This royal decree states the rules governing investment of the funds of the Public Authority for Social Insurance and Pension and retirement funds. These regulations specify the areas of investments including instruments allowed and investment ratios limit for each investment. The Fund considers these investments as long-term investments designed to maintain their real value and high yield returns. The Fund's investment policies are based on the following basic principles:
  • Safety of the investments in terms of risk distribution and maintaining the assets of the Fund.
  • Increase reliance on own resources of the Fund through the pursuit of better revenues to enable the Fund balance its revenues and expenses.
  • Provide adequate liquidity to meet the Fund's financial obligations on time.
  • Contribute in the development of the infrastructure of national economy by investing in companies and development projects that has economic viability.
Mission & Vision
mission vision
Excellence and leadership in providing the best services to beneficiaries covered by the Law of Pensions and End of Service Benefits for Omani Nationals employed in the Government sector and investing the CSEPFʼs fund.

Promoting the quality of services provided by the (CSEPF) to the beneficiaries, managing and developing human and material resources using the latest new technologies
    • Creating, innovating and continuous improving - encouraging employees to create and innovate at work.
    • Efficiency and excellence – by using the best management practices.
    • Credibility and transparency - disclosing of required information clearly.
    • Teamwork – Publishing and encouraging a sense of teamwork in the (CSEPF) staff.
    • Proficiency at work - following the scientific methods in performing jobs.
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